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About Us

About Us

Based out of Portland, OR, Nutrivity Labs is committed to product transparency.  All of our products are sourced from FDA and cGMP registered facilities. You'll find that we don't use "proprietary blends" to hide ingredients or package contents as you may find with other sports nutrition.  Instead, we proudly list our product ingredients on our labels.  

Our Mission

Nutrivity Labs is passionate about creating customer-centric experiences.  We strive to inspire passion for self-improvement, support the evolution from average to exceptional, and enhance the athletic experience for all women.

Our Purpose

We at Nutrivity Labs strive to bring to market safe, effective, and rigorously tested nutrition and athletic supplemental products. The purpose of every Nutrivity Labs product is to enhance an athlete's performance and experience. As current and former athletes, we only bring products to market that we personally believe in and use every day.

Core Values

  • Athletic Spirit: Evangelize that every human is an athlete.
  • Leadership:  The courage and will to win.
  • Diversity:  Different but inclusive.
  • Authenticity:  Be real.
  • Integrity:  Do what's right... even when no one is looking.
  • Innovation:  Continuously improve.